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Oh Youth of Repentance, Don't Return Back to the Breast of Desires After the Weaning Period

August 4, 2017
Imaam Ibn Rajab
Lataa-if al-Ma'aarif 1/224
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

قال الحافظ ابن رجب رحمه الله

يا شبان التوبة لاترجعوا إلى ارتضاع ثدي الهوىٰ من بعد الفطام فالرضاع إنما يصلح للأطفال لا للرجال ولكن لا بد من الصبر على مرارة الفطام فإن صبرتم تعوضتم عن لذة الهوىٰ بحلاوة الإيمان في القلوب .

Al-Haafith Ibn Rajab may Allah have mercy upon him stated:

Oh youth of repentance, don't return back to the breast of desires after the weaning period. Indeed suckling is only suitable for the children, not for the men. However patience upon the bitterness of the weaning period is a must. If you are patient, you will become accustomed to (leaving off) the pleasure of the desires for the sweetness of faith in the hearts.