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The Wicked Rawāfidh Of Irān

July 30, 2017
Shaykh Abu Abdil-'Alaa Khaalid Ibn Muhammad Uthmaan al-Misree (hafithahullah)
Nasir Abu Nasir Al Hanbali

The wicked Rawāfidh of Irān have slaughtered, murdered, displaced and tortured millions of Muslims since the establishment of their fire-worshiping state by the hands of the Fir'awn of [this] time Khomeini...

When Saudi Arabia established a [legislated] punishment [set] by Allah on the wicked Rāfidhi; Nimr an-Nimr, the whole Dunyah rose [in protest].

Their wicked and evil has surpassed the wickedness of their brothers; the Jews.

May Allah hasten the demise of their fire-worshipping Bātiniyyah state.

Aqeedah and Minhaj